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Our goal is to help you understand the financial markets in order to form your own opinion on investment opportunities. The best way to start your journey here is by choosing if you’re interested in active (day-) trading or rather long-term investing.


Trader Education
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Professional trading

Everything you’ll need to become a professional trader or investor

Online Broker

As a professional bitcoin trader or stock investor you’ll need a reliable online broker for fast and accurate execution of your trades. We thoroughly review broker firms and help you find the online broker that is best for your personal trading style, trading strategy and account size.

Trading Hardware

We help you find the best hardware for traders on the market. No matter if you’re looking for a fast, stable and secure trading PC or the best mobile devices for traders and investors. With reliable trading hardware you can fully focus on your profitable trading strategy.

Trading Software

In order to make money with a profitable trading strategy, you’ll need stable and reliable trading software. We review trading software like charting tools, trading apps, portfolio management software and more to help you find the right software for your trading.

Trading Courses

Good education is the best investment in life. This is especially true for a bitcoin trader, who wants to understand the tools and strategies for professional trading. In our trading courses you’ll learn what you need to understand the markets and develop a trading strategy.

Trading Books

There are many great books about trading and investing out there. On a regular basis we review and feature the best books for traders and investors. As a trader it’s crucial that you keep learning and it’s best to learn from authors with many years of valuable trading experience.

Live Coaching

If you’re not a fan of online courses, webinars or books and rather prefer learning from people directly, then live coaching is right for you. We’ve partnered with trading coaches who can teach you how to develop a profitable trading strategy which fits your account size.

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Just want to say thanks for all the great information. I found you by coincidence today while I was looking up info on scalping. As it turns out I learned more from watching your videos and your website then I did from this $5000 course I just took. – Steve S.

I purchased your day trader videos and absorbed some very good information. It was obvious that you put a lot of effort into making it, and the price could not be beat. I fail to see how a 500 dollar one day course could surpass all the information and techniques you provided. – Brad

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Since 2008 TodayTrader is helping day traders, stock traders and investors find success trading the global financial markets. Let 25 years of combined trading experience teach you what you will never learn in a classroom. On TodayTrader you can find day trading courses, stock brokers, webinars, robo advisors, crypto currency exchanges, ebooks, tutorials and more educational content to become a successful trader or investor.

In our blog you’ll find a lot of great educational content related to stock trading, investing, economics, psychology, behavioral finance, forex or cryptocurrencies. Since diversification is key to long-term financial freedom you’ll here also find content related to alternative investments like real estate, precious metals, P2P lending and other investment opportunities or ways of making money.

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