is back! Educational content for active traders and investors

Transformation into an educational website for day traders, short term traders and investors is back! Educational content for active traders and investors
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If you’re an active trader, following the market for educational trading services since years, you may have stumbled across at some point. Since 2008 TodayTrader is helping traders find success navigating and trading the daily financial markets. However, since 2012 / 2013 this site has been basically inactive. There also haven’t been new videos published on the TodayTrader YouTube channel for years.

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The good news is: is back and we’ve ambiguous plans for the future. I’ve been trading the financial markets for years, not only as stock trader for various banks and broker firms, but also as a swing trader and private investor. When I noticed that TodayTrader is up for sale, I was very excited. I was looking for a project like this for years. With my team I want to create new content and help beginners and experienced traders to level up their game.

What is TodayTrader all about? was originally founded by Steve Gomez and Andy Lindloff, two professional traders and mentors. The goal was to help day traders improve their trading strategies. This was done through real time desktop viewing while trading the markets and executing live stock trades. Here is a screenshot from the website back in 2011:

TodayTrader Website - 2011
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The service on included weekly webinars, day trading video courses and a monthly subscription service for active traders. TodayTrader quickly became a leader in educational services for day traders with excellent reviews and mentions in major publications such as The New York Times.

The future of TodayTrader

I have great plans for! Me and my team are working hard to bring this back to live. We’re currently completely redesigning and restructuring the website while producing new content at the same time. The new will cover a more broader spectrum than the old site. We want to offer valuable content for experienced traders, but also help beginner traders or investors understand and trade the global financial markets.

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We not only want to cover topics related to day trading or short term trading. In addition we also venture into topics related to long-term investing. I believe that even short term traders should have a long-term financial strategy and a diversified portfolio to truly achieve long-term financial freedom. That’s why we’ll cover topics related to long-term investments and various different asset classes as well. Here is what you can expect on

  • Educational content for active traders: Market commentaries, guides and tutorials related to active trading like various trading strategies, technical analysis and more.
  • Educational content for investors: Guides and tutorials related to long-term investing and portfolio diversification across various different asset classes and investment vehicles.
  • Regular videos on YouTube: We’ve planned to revive the TodayTrader YouTube channel as well with regular videos related to day trading, short-term trading, investing and more.
  • Video courses: We’ve planned to produce and publish new video courses for traders and investors that cover various aspects of becoming a successful trader. This includes updating the old trading courses.
  • Live coaching for traders: Currently we’re in the process of partnering with trading coaches who will help our students become more sucessful trading the financial markets.

Let’s do this together!

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This all isn’t set in stone and is a constant development process. If you have more ideas or particular needs, please feel free to let us know at any time. You can contact us via email or reach out to us on Twitter @todaytrader_com. We want to build a modern platform for traders and investors with content that is truly helpful to you.

It would be awesome to see you back here on or our social channels on a regular basis. Let’s talk, discuss and learn together to become better traders, investors or just for fun. If you have any questions, ideas or content requests, you can also let us know in the comments below.

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