Become a professional trader

If you want to become a professional trader, it’s all about having a plan, a strong will and discipline. Becoming a successful trader means working on your trading skills, learning trading basics and advanced trading strategies for long-term success. Our goal is to help you on your path to profitable trading with trading courses and other educational services for active traders and investors.

However, successful and profitable trading is not only about trading skills and education. Professional traders also need the right trading equipment, tools, software and setup for successfully trading and analyzing the financial markets. Here on TodayTrader we help you find the right online broker, professional trading equipment and reliable trading software for your personal trading strategy.

Professional Stock Trader
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Professional trading

Everything you’ll need to become a professional trader or investor

Online Broker

As a professional day trader, active swing trader or investor you’ll need a reliable online broker for fast and accurate order execution of your trades. In our online broker guide you’ll learn how to find the best online broker for your personal trading strategy and account size.

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Trading Equipment

Trading hardware can be everything from a simple trading laptop, mobile devices for trading or an entire trading hardware station with multi-monitor solution. In our trading equipment guide we’ll help you find the best trading hardware for your needs.

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Trading Software

Professional traders use various types of trading software. This includes advanced charting tools, stock screeners, trading apps, portfolio management software and much more. In our trading software guide you’ll find an overview of software tools for traders.

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Trading Courses

Education, experience and discipline are key to success in professional trading. Trading courses can help you understand the financial markets and develop a profitable trading strategy. Learn with the help of our video courses or choose recommended 3rd party trading courses.

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Trading Books

The popular and must-read trading books are essential for everyone who wants to become a professional trader. Learn from other trader’s mistakes and get insights to where they made their big money. Know the main lessons and stories that you can relate to as a trader.

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Live Coaching

There are many ways to become a profitable trader. One of the most effective ways is a personal mentor and coach. In our overview of trading coaches you’ll find successful traders who can help you develop a trading strategy via chat, video, live trade signals and more.

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