Advanced day trading tactics
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Day Trading 201 is a 3 hour recorded trading course / webinar that covers advanced day trading tactics. Learn how to manage your pre-market routine, identify what to trade, entry and exit strategies and how to cut losses and let winners run. This online trading course also covers the psychological element of day trading.

Day Trading Webinar
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar

This online trading course has been recorded in 2009 and contains valuable trading knowledge which is still applicable today. The recording for download is in WMV format which can be played on Windows, Apple Mac and even Android with a suitable video player software. You can download the file and save to your computer.

This online trading course will be available again soon!

Day Trading 201: Advanced Tactics

  • Brief summary of beginners webinar – books, direct access, technical indicators
  • Pre-market routine –, CNBC, stocks in the news, Alerts (pre-market)
  • The opening bell – Patience, volume, observe (sectors, alerts, stocks in the news)
    • Focused and relaxed – Don’t be anxious but remain calm and patient
    • Observe volume stocks, alerts and sector strength (15 to 20 min)
    • The importance of volume (it doesn’t lie)
  • Understanding of sector correlation (leadership stocks, possible sympathy plays)
    • Get to know the major stocks in each sector
    • Determine what is strong and weak
    • Going for the leader and knowing when to play sympathy stocks
  • Looking for relative strength and relative weakness (charts)
    • Stocks showing strength or weakness relative to their peers and market
  • Using technical indicators (chart setups, volume, momentum line)
    • Which technical indicators to use and how to configure them
    • Riding the momentum line (10 MA)
    • Favorable chart patterns
  • Entry and exit strategies – Support / resistance, MAs, bar reversals, stochastics
    • When to buy highs and when to buy pull backs
    • How to judge support / resistance
    • Being patient with technical indicators and market condition
    • Wiggle room – Avoid getting wicked
    • Oh crap bids / offers
  • How to cut losses and let winners run
    • Using stop-losses
    • Letting portion of winner run until bar reversal
  • Scaling in and scaling out – Very important in today’s market
    • Tip-toeing into a trade
  • When to ramp up, scale down, and sit on your hands
    • Waiting on market direction
    • How to spot a real move
    • Trading a bear market
  • Psychology – The battle ground (emotions, patience, focus, relaxation)
    • Avoiding herd mentality
    • Being a contrarian
    • Knowing your demons
  • Q&A

Some screenshots from this trading webinar

Day Trading - Stochastics
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar
Day Trading - Let winners run!
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar

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