Swing Scalping
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This is our latest trading course / webinar which covers the concept of short term trading. This 3 hour recorded event will cover the strategy of “Swing Scalping”. We explain the method of riding the “waves” of short term momentum and exiting for quick profits. This introduction video to “Swing Scalping” will teach you how to maximize profits while limiting the downside by focusing on the correct approach to taking an entry.

Swing Scalping Webinar
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar

This online trading course has been recorded in 2011 and contains valuable trading knowledge which is still applicable today. The recording for download is in WMV format which can be played on Windows, Apple Mac and even Android with a suitable video player software. You can download the file and save to your computer.

This online trading course will be available again soon!

Swing Scalping: An advanced short term trading tactic

  • What has changed in the last few years?
  • HFT (high-frequency trading) – What we are up against
  • What is swing scalping? (day trading mentality on daily charts)
  • How does if differ from traditional swing trading?
  • Adapting to current markets
  • How to trade a range-bound environment
  • Technical analysis vs. fundamentals
  • What do we look for (setups)?
  • What to watch out for – intraday traps (shaking the trees)
  • Using alerts to spot good setups
  • Catching the intraday trigger and move on daily chart setups
  • What position size to take (all, 1/3, 1/2)
  • Managing the trade (winners and losers)
  • Benefits of real-time and full-time market observation
  • Using buy stops and sell stops to trigger entries and exits
  • Short selling and/or hedging
  • Adhering to rules and disciplines
  • Q&A

Some screenshots from this trading webinar

Swing Scalping - HFT
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar
Swing Scalping - Dark Pools
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar
Swing Scalping - Constant Change
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar
Swing Scalping - Range Breakout
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar
Swing Scalping - Buy Point
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar
Swing Scalping - Price Action Traps
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar
Swing Scalping - Market Emotions
Image Source: Screenshot Webinar

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