White Label Open Source Cryptocurrency Exchange

WLOX is a white label, open source cryptocurrency exchange platform written in PHP. You can use it together with Crypto Capital Corp's fiat banking platform, to develop your own exchange in record time.

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All that you need to develop your own alt-currency exchange.

Easy Integration With Banking Platforms

Can be easily integrated with Crypto Capital Corp's online banking platform, which provides users with funds and allows you to outsource verification of identity.

Written in PHP

Comprised of PHP, Javascript/JQuery, HTML and CSS. No unusual server requirements, knowledge of advanced programming techniques or exotic languages necessary.

Multiple Fiat-Currency Support

Allows users to trade and maintain balances in multiple fiat currencies on one user account.

Uses Bitcoin Core

Pre-configured to function with the official Bitcoin Core client (bitcoind) by default. No need for any knowledge of the Bitcoin protocol or command-line interface.

Super Secure Code

Coded using best security practices to keep your data secure. Single thread order processing ensures that money will not be lost in the system.

CMS / Administrator Included

WLOX comes with its own proprietary back-end for managing everything from page content to fiat-currency withdrawals by users.


A few screenshots of WLOX in action. Click to get an explanation.

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